Geoff Wilson 

Executive Director

Geoff is responsible for organizational oversight, managing staff, coordinating fundraising activities, managing finances, and working with the board of directors to ensure that America SCORES LA is fulfilling its mission. Geoff brings 25 years of nonprofit leadership experience to America SCORES LA and a lifelong passion for the game of soccer. A former educator and FA Coach, Geoff taught physical education, art and careers education in his native England where he also played soccer semi-professionally. Geoff moved to San Diego in 1989 where he coached youth soccer at the prestigious La Jolla Nomads Soccer Club. Geoff has dedicated his life to youth development and worked for several youth-serving non-profit organizations including a 20-year career with Junior Achievement before joining LA Scores in 2016.

Amy O'Dowd

Program Director

In 2004, Amy began working with LA Scores as a soccer coach during the first year of programming at Palms Middle School. She grew up in Los Angeles playing for various club and Olympic development teams, attended Palms Middle as a student, and started teaching there during school hours. Her after-school coaching role developed into an assistant program director role at LA Scores and then she became program director until 2008. After a decade long break from LA Scores to live in San Diego, raise her two small children, and start a non-toxic living business she returned to the program director position and now works alongside coaches and site coordinators she used to instruct as middle schoolers! Together, they implement the same programming that helped make these former LA Scores student members become the confident, community-oriented individuals they are today.