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One Hen And America SCORES Boston Unite
To Expand Service-Learning For Under-Served Youth
The Strategic Combination Will Consolidate Two Of Boston's Most Innovative Nonprofits,
Expanding Their Impact On Under-Served Youth And Better Supporting Implementation Partners. 

Contact: John Maconga
Phone: 781.343.1776

BOSTON, Sept 1, 2016: One Hen, Inc. is pleased to announce the acquisition of its flagship One Hen Academy program and related infrastructure by America SCORES Boston, a top Boston youth development organization and One Hen partner since 2012. Established in 1999, SCORES partners with Boston Public School teachers to offer under-served students programs that develop the whole child. SCORES' innovative blend of soccer, poetry and service-learning has been nationally recognized by the White House Task Force on Childhood Obesity, the President's Committee on the Arts and Humanities, Forbes Magazine and others.

One Hen Academy will become SCORES’ flagship service-learning program. The website will be integrated with and expanded to serve as the organization's online education platform, supplying curricula and teaching tools to help youth build micro-businesses and invest the proceeds in global and local causes that students choose.

The strategic combination of these two nonprofits is poised to create one of Boston’s most innovative and effective youth enrichment programs, uniquely positioned to serve the academic, physical, and socio-emotional needs of thousands of inner city youth. Together, SCORES and One Hen will empower youth to create positive change in their lives, in their communities and around the world. Our programs improve students' health, academic engagement and global citizenship.

In the immediate term, SCORES and One Hen will focus on combining personnel and operations under the leadership of the SCORES Board and program leadership team (Executive Director John Maconga; Chief Operating Officer Andy Crossley; and Program Director Dwayne Simmons). Going forward, SCORES will support the use of One Hen Academy throughout the America SCORES national network serving 10,000 students at more than 175 public and charter schools in 14 major cities.

Katie Smith Milway, One Hen, Inc. co-founder, board director and author of the One Hen storybook, looks forward to expanding impact for both organizations and to joining the SCORES Board as part of the deal.

“In a fragmented social sector, it’s a great thing when mission-aligned nonprofits can combine forces to grow both reach and efficiencies. We are particularly excited about the leadership and vision of America SCORES Boston and its fit with our goal to help kids use business for social good – their own and their communities’.”

John Maconga, Executive Director of America SCORES Boston, sees a deeper partnership with One Hen as supporting the organization’s long term education, enrichment and impact goals.

“As we continue to advance program quality to help urban students be successful in school and life, we are delighted to take our partnership with One Hen to the next level, and expand and deepen the already-significant impact we make helping Boston youth grow 21st Century skills in leadership, collaboration and innovation.”